Heal CBD Bath Bomb - 100mg


Aches and pains keeping you down? Not anymore. Our HEAL Bath Bomb provides carefully selected ingredients full of antimicrobial compounds proven to draw out toxins, prevent infection, and encourage healing. Sound simple? So incredible. With 100MG of our premium CBD isolates, combined with soothing eucalyptus and muscle relaxing magnesium, enjoy the bliss that is Volūm HEAL Bath Bomb. Say hello to the new you.

Each bomb contains 100mg of CBD

Ingredients: 100% Organic Blend of Essential Oils (Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree), Organic Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Isolate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Citric Acid, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Ground Peppermint Leaves.

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